Expanding the Reach for Mental Wellness for Better Performance in Sport & Life


It’s much more than just the specific sport; it’s about reinforcing positive attitude and lessons for life.

Coach’s Role: #1 MHC (Mental Health Champion) 

Coach’s Pre-Season Address:

To both encourage your Team Allies (see Circle of Care) to RAR (Recognize, Approach, Refer), you want to start by changing your team culture. Let your team know that you do take mental health seriously, you understand the consequences on and off the field of play for unaddressed mental health problems, you are approachable and willing to listen and are open to suggestions to tackle mental health problems together. You want to emphasize that mental health problems are not a weakness, and are common, especially for athlete’s undergoing transitions (rookies). Finally, let your team know that as a family it is everyone’s responsibility to have each other’s backs…whether it be a team sport or an individual sport, performance is dependent on all members . Encourage your team to “RAR” and give them appropriate resources.

Ensure your Pre-Season Address Includes:

*Remember that your role varies depending on your comfort level. Be open and realistic with your team on what to expect from you. Keep in mind your primary roles as an MHC (Mental Health Champion) and a Hub of Resources

** To learn more, sign up for an ETR workshop in your area

Sample Coach Address