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Coach’s Role: #1 MHC (Mental Health Champion) 

MHAP: Mental Health Action Plan

The MHAP was originally created by SAMHI (Student Athlete Mental Health Initiative) and revised by co-founder Krista Van Slingerland as a prevention and mental health planning tool. The tool is a simple 9 question tool identifying athlete’s challenges, triggers, warning signs, and coping strategies — all aspects of mental health which can provide coach’s and team allies with valuable information on how to best serve their athletes in prevention and intervention. Further the tool builds mutual understanding and trust, fostering the coach-athlete bond.

This tool is not meant to replace professional mental health services and is suggested to be filled out with a health care professional and is not a crisis plan.

Implementation of MHAP:

We suggest using this tool during your Pre-Season Address, asking all athletes to take 15  minutes to fill out the survey. If possible, having a team physician or psychiatrist available to mediate any questions can be helpful. Let athletes know that all information will be confidential and kept within each athlete’s Team Allie circle of care (coach, assistant coaches, team captains).

Find out more about the MHAP tool & SAMHI

Download the MHAP tool here

Expand the Reach is a web based resource for coaches, athletes of all levels, parents and community organizations to support Mental Wellness, and early intervention for better performance in sport & life. 

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