It’s much more than just the specific sport; it’s about reinforcing positive attitude and lessons for life.

What is Suicide?

Suicide is the act of ending one’s life. People can get thoughts about committing suicide for many reasons, such as when a person is under so many stresses that they become overwhelmed and cannot cope.

Typical stresses may include:

  • Home stress, such as conflict/disagreements with mother, father, siblings…
  • School stress such as problems with friends, schoolwork, teachers, bullies…
  • Work stress such as problems with co-workers, bosses, workload…
  • Other problems such as depression, anxiety, substance use

People can feel suicidal when they feel 1) disconnected from other people, 2) helpless to deal with their stress, and/or 3) hopeless that their stress will improve.

Thus, one way to help a young person who is feeling suicidal is to help 1) them feel connected again, and/or 2) overcome helplessness by giving them a sense of control, and/or 3) give them a sense of hope.

Expand the Reach is a web based resource for coaches, athletes of all levels, parents and community organizations to support Mental Wellness, and early intervention for better performance in sport & life. 

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